Why we need to use body scrub?

The main benefit is to remove dead skin cells, which helps promote clearer and softer skin. You can enjoy the invigorating and satisfying feeling of a massage in your own home.

The box contains 4 organic scrubs, 3 different for body (Peachy Melon, Choco Caramel, Mandarin Vanilla) and 1 for face (Minty Vanilla), with the mission of making you divine beautiful!
✔ Removes the dead cells
✔ Fight actively with cellulite and stretch marks
✔ Smoothes skin imperfections
✔ Intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin
✔ Improves blood circulation
✔ Makes the skin elastic, fresh, gentle and fragrant
✔ The natural oils contained in it give pleasure to all senses

Let's Try It! Say hello to healthy glowing skin! 





選用最優質的成分 - 阿拉比卡咖啡豆配以天然蔗糖粒子,喜馬拉雅山岩鹽和多種植物精華油(椰子油、橄欖油、乳木果油)及維他命E調配製成的磨砂粉,套裝包括3款身體磨砂(朱古力焦糖味/橘香雲呢拿味/香桃蜜瓜味)及1款臉部磨砂(雲呢拿薄荷味)。

✔ 輕柔軟化肌膚角質及去除死皮,促進血液循環,塑造柔軟亮澤的美肌
✔ 岩鹽有助排除毒素,提升肌膚活力
✔ 有效對抗脂肪組織、減淡妊娠紋
✔ 植物精華油成分能深層滋潤和滋養皮膚



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