Being artist and designer, we always deal with the nature of beauty and taste. A passion for beauty bring us together to explore new, special and healthy products. With years of experience, we are in good hands of sourcing Pure Ingredients, Natural and Organic products for different types of people.



Created with attention to every detail and responsibility for the choice of each ingredient to achieve uncompromised quality and loads of positive engergy.

The products give the skin something real and pure, straight from the nature.

Each ingredient is chosen carefully - based on where it comes from, how it is harvested, how it is processed, if it is grown in clean areas with organic farming, leaving the earth clean afterwards.


likami - Superfood for skin

Pure, active and all-natural, Líkami concentrates your daily skincare regimen to a sententious selection of multifunctional, highly effective products.

Líkami skincare products give true meaning to what simplicity stands for: pure ingredients, clear labels and honest recipes made with lots of expertise, care and love! Small hand- batched production with overtones of freshness, potency and artisanal craftsmanship.

Ingredients rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: the compounds that are the precursors to the cellular building blocks that nourish, protect and age-proof our skin.


MAIWE - Lake Maihue as inspiration

MAIWE is a natural skincare brand founded in Antwerp. This lake in southern Chile is a blue haven amidst virgin forests, endemic plants, and volcanoes. The first skincare line is built around the virtues of wild rosehip. MAIWE's treasured rosehips are harvested from wild roses that thrive in these untamed, natural surroundings. By working closely with local female communities, they create clean beauty products that are beneficial to the skin and the Chilean women involved in the production of beloved rosehip oil.


Happiness is having Natural Beauty

Beauty is happyness, you can feel good about yourself, no matter what age you are. Its the images and moments that inspire and represent the most distinct and remarkable attractiveness of our souls. It's the moments we feel free and real.

A (aesthetic). MILD (natural and organic)

"Its nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you."

I absolutely love the Coffee Scrubs, using the peachy melon flavour at the moment and this cocoa can't wait to move onto the choco caramel one. No better feeling than silky, soft, baby butt skin especially the sun is out!

Farahsattaur, lifestyle blogger

I'm a big fan of Likami. The minimalist black-and-white design look gorgeous. They are nice in our bathroom. Likami is a beautiful, natural, and a top Belgian label!


My tummy tucked with SPF50 on my favorite COCOSOLOS legs with SPF30 and some of their cocoa oil for luxury. I got a great ten (for pregnant) while relaxing under my umbrella! And do you have a habit of spreading sun protection? What type of products do you use?

Antoinette Pepe, lifestyle blogger

Bought your hipster beauty brand on Piccadilly in London. Likami is my best face serum, The Likami serum is particularly effective at instantly plumping and smoothing the skin, and the results just get better and better with each application. The Likami anti-aging serum really works well on fine lines and wrinkles.


Glitter Dry Oil is must have to light up my skin and enhance tanning. A great mixture with day cream and guaranteed bright complexion. The nano particles are discreet but so pretty! This is natural with different vegetable oils and vitamin E to hydrate.

Leconfdelizzie, beauty stylists

Likami's products give me an instant fresh and hydrated skin without an irritated feeling afterwards, which is quite exceptional for me with my atopic, eczema-prone skin. Many products / brands work too aggressively on my skin, but this milk provides a gentle yet effective cleaning. I use this in combination with the body oil for a double cleaning and that is really THE perfect duo! I also own the cleaning pad and what a great feeling that is. I am a fan !


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